Drive To Survive Season 2 Review

As Formula One prepares to kick off the 2020 season, Series Two of Netflix’s Drive To Survive is now available, featuring all ten teams for the first time as the series went behind the scenes throughout last season. 

Like Series One, this series featured more of the midfield teams rather than Mercedes or Ferrari with exception of episodes four and seven respectively. 

Mercedes’ episode in particular centred around the infamous German Grand Prix in which the team dramatically imploded in a thriller, although aside from a peek at a post race debrief and Lewis apologising, not much was really seen from what we already had from our TV screens.

I therefore get the sense the top two had some sort of agreement in place to hide certain parts, which wouldn’t surprise me as didn’t offer much insight when compared to rest of the series.

This series overall was thoroughly enjoyable though and gives us fans something that we never see like with the first series. 


‘More enjoyable…’


From the human aspects of drivers to pranks and even swearing (looking at you Guenther Steiner), it felt more enjoyable in comparison to the robotic PR drivers which we see on screens when speaking to the media

With the huge following from last years series, it was no surprise I was looking forward to Steiner’s major drama filled episode which featured a mix of seriousness as Haas struggled last season and strong language from Steiner.

That element was what was missing from Mercedes and Ferrari’s episodes, whereas Red Bull’s two-parter gave the impression that they were almost giving Pierre Gasly too much pressure yet trying to not pile it on at the same time.

One notable point was in Austria when you hear over team radio the team telling him “P7 Pierre……..Max won”, that right there doesn’t sound supportive at all of a driver in his first season at a top team.

Their persona of “yes it’s a high pressure environment” but then act towards him like theres no pressure at all, reminds me of Ferrari with their team orders attitude.


‘Gobsmacked at no mention…’

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My biggest complaint of all however was that there was no mention of the late Charlie Whiting, who died before the first race last season, which left me absolutely gobsmacked at no mention it or him at all, which makes me rather sad as he played a huge role in the sport.

What makes it even more sad is the fact they mentioned the loss of Nikki Lauda, and of course F2 driverAnthoi Antoine Hubert which was sensitively handled in episode six – Raging Bulls.

My only other issue is that you’re left wanting more but not as in more episodes (that would still be great!) but as in just more content than what is present in the series.

Nevertheless, it was an exciting series full of insight whilst sensitively challenging the issue of Hubert’s death at Spa Francorchamps, in portraying its effect on Red Bull and Toro Rosso. 

I therefore would rate this series a seven out of ten because it had improved on the first series, yet missed huge parts of the season which ought to of been included.


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