Who Should of Replaced Mauricio Pochettino?

As the dust settles on last night’s shock announcement that Mauricio Pochettino has been sacked by Tottenham Hotspur, everyone had one question on their lips – Who should replace Mauricio Pochettino?

Jose Mourinho ultimately secured the job early this morning but here is a selection of some candidates who we think deserved to be considered for the job. 


Aitor Karanka

Karanka Forest

Ok, Aitor Karanka might look like a bizarre choice but he would of been an ideal fit if Tottenham wanted someone who will re-energise the squad and share the same long-term ambition.

If think back to his time at Middlesbrough, he had to work within a firm budget which is something that he excelled at and could very well be the case in coming seasons as Spurs continue to pay off the cost on their new stadium. 

They surely would of therefore want someone who can do a solid job within their perimeters whilst keeping the core of their current squad and adding youth where necessary, although I will admit that most of the youth during his time at Boro came from loans but it wouldn’t of been the case at a club like Tottenham.

His tactics also would of re-energised a flagging squad who simply seemed bored, particularly defensively which is one of his key strengths given that Boro hardly conceded under the most of his watch. 

Tottenham therefore miss out on the prospect of being revitalised if not better under someone like Karanka but I doubt that he was on their radar given his low profile in comparison to several other contenders. 

Managerial potential: 1/5


Arsene Wenger

Arsene Wenger

The idea of Arsene Wenger joining the arch rivals of his former team 18 months on might sound mad, yet at the same time it would of been a realistic possibility for many reasons. 

A key point in Wenger’s favour is his experience not just in the game but also in working under budget for several years, as Arsenal were in a similar position for many years after moving into the Emirates Stadium where they had to tighten their spending. 

Another valid point relating to the above is Wenger’s ability to constantly secure top four finishes despite tight budgets, which eventually reaped rewards towards the end of his tenure with triple FA Cup success. 

Wenger also isn’t afraid to promote youth as evidenced by memorable promotions of players like Jack Wilshire, Hector Bellerin and Reiss Nelson, which highlights how much of an asset he could of been for Spurs in the long-term if appointed. 

The only negative against him is that Arsenal were erratic in the league during his final two seasons, which suggests that he might now belong to an old Premier League era and low down on the candidate list at top clubs like Spurs. 

Managerial potential: 4/5


Eddie Howe


Given the growing hype surrounding Eddie Howe and his work at Bournemouth, I would be shocked if Daniel Levy didn’t at least give serious consideration to him because he would be an ideal fit for Spurs. 

First of all, Howe is a loyal manager who doesn’t slate the Chairman publicly and instead lets his work speak for itself as evidenced by his ability to get Bournemouth up through the divisions before keeping them in the top flight for the past four seasons. 

He has also demonstrated an excellent ability to work on a tight budget and promote youth, which highlights his commitment and achievements in the face of budget adversity. 

Those two points are even still present in his current squad at Bournemouth with players like David Brooks and Aaron Ramsdale both thriving under his leadership and attractive style of play. 

The only negative against Howe is that he is still young and yet to manage a major club so probably was viewed as a huge risk, although he is to me the perfect long-term fit because he will produce a great job within budget and promote the right youth players when ready. 

Levy therefore has probably gambled Spurs’ long-term potential in a short-term appointment in Mourinho, whereas Howe would of brought success for many years which is what Tottenham fans want so would of been a better fit if think about the bigger picture. 

Managerial potential: 5/5


Whether you agree or not, please feel free to leave a comment below expressing your opinion in who you think should of taken over if not in favour of Mourinho.

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