22 Race Season in 2020 – Good or Bad Idea?

It’s confirmed – 2020 will welcome two new countries to the Formula One calendar – The Netherlands and Vietnam! I wanted to find out what it means to the new season.

Fans of F1 seem to be divided at the moment. With half saying that the season is too long as it stands right now, and the other half embracing 2 more tracks in 2020.

Personally, I’m looking forward to a longer season because during the winter I have to make myself busy during the weekends, As well as having to go back out into the open world.

Throughout this article I will look deeper into the two new tracks in the Netherlands and Vietnam.

First up – Zandvoort, Netherlands
For the new season of Formula One in 2020, the FIA welcomes back the famous Zandvoort Circuit with history of F1 races between 1948 and 1985. This 2.6 mile circuit has seen Jim Clark take 4 wins along with Jackie Stewart and Niki Lauda taking 3 wins each too.

In terms of the track, it has 3 straights with the longest at 678m and 14 challenging turns including the well known and loved Tarzan corner (Turn 1). In past years, Turn 1 has seen Regazzoni come off the track in his battle with Arnoux in 1979 as well as Villeneuve spinning down the track narrowly missing other drivers in 1981, the year Prost fought his way to victory.

Today however, Dutch fans travel far and wide to watch F1 action across Europe – whether you’re in Hungary, Belgium or Germany, the stands are filled with the orange glow of the Dutch fans. This will be the second home Grand Prix for Max Verstappen along side his duel nationality between the Netherlands and Belgium.

In my opinion, Zandvoort will give us great overtakes and mid pack battles. In the past, Ferarri have dominated the Dutch GP with 9 constructor victories – But could we see a new constructor take the crown?

This will certainly be an exciting race and it will have a great atmosphere in the stands.

A brand new track – Hanoi, Vietnam
What do we expect from this brand new Grand Prix? The truth is, I’m not 100% sure, Although the track has many similarities with current F1 circuits such as Nurburgring in turns 1 & 2, Monaco in turns 12 to 15 and Japan in turns 16 to 19.

This circuit is 3.5 miles long and will be the 10th street race in F1 along side Monaco, Singapore and Baku. Hanoi boasts a very long straight at almost 1 mile long which will mean heavy breaking into exciting overtaking zones.

Turn 1 should be cause for a lot of action for the drivers especially from the start taking turn 1 and navigating all the way through to turn 4. Moving on throughout the circuit we get to turns 12, 13, 14 and 15 – Inspired by Monaco and it’s mad dash up the hill out of turn 1. Monaco gives us plenty of excitement here so i’m hoping to see some great action in Hanoi.

Turns 16, 17, 18 and 19 are inspired by Japan’s iconic S bends where last week at the Japanese GP we saw some spectacular overtaking moves.

Who knows what we can expect from this track but I can see the stronger aerodynamic teams coming out on top.

Overall I think making the season longer will be good for Formula One, It should give other drivers more of a chance to keep up with the currently unstoppable Hamilton!

I cannot wait to see the exciting races at these two brilliant tracks in 2020. Earlier on this week the FIA confirmed that in 2021 Miami will host a brand new race which I will look into closer to the time, But early opinions of the track is proving well with the fans.

Which track are you most looking forward to for next year and are you going to going to watch the debut? Let me know your thoughts in the comment section below.

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