Formula One: From a Live Perspective – Part One

Formula One is such an expensive hobby that people rarely get a chance to see it live and luckily I have attended last weekend’s Italian Grand Prix, so am going to share with you what F1 is like from a live perspective.

Of course, it all starts with either getting told or deciding that you’re going to go and see a Grand Prix and that pure excitement rushes through you.

“Oh my god I’m actually going to one. I’m going to hear those engines roar!”

You then begin to look at hotels, think how much spending money do I need and of course what team clothing you should wear, which was easy for me because it was all decided but doing these stuff makes it all the more exciting.

Once you have all that done and dusted, you will endure the longest wait of your life as you watch every race ticking whilst counting down the days thinking; “One less race to go and soon I’ll be there!”

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When the F1 circus reaches the preceding race before the event that you will be attending, you watch that race so closely knowing and ready to scream “I’m going next week!”

The moment that race finishes you begin your preparations as you pack your bag and do the constant flight checks whilst checking that you have all of your required documentation ready.

Eventually the day comes, the day you’ve been waiting months or possibly over a year for when you fly out to the race, which for me is one of the best days going as you want to run everywhere in the belief that you will get there quicker and find yourself buzzing as the flight makes its final descent in the city that you will call home for the next week.

Wondering what you will eat first on top of whether their English speak is good if unable to speak their language and whether you have enough charge on your phone.


You touch down with your hearts beating out of your chest because you are now closer to F1 than ever before as you make the dash off the plane to catch a bus or taxi to get to your hotel and decide which F1 clothes you will wear first.

Once that’s done you head to bed and “try” and sleep as you struggle with the sheer excitement before eventually drifting off as you dream about what the next few days hold for you.

Once awake and ready, you realise that today is the day as you think about transport to the circuit and the fact that “I’m going to Formula One!!”

Yes that’s right today is the big day.


You’ll see the teams, drivers and most of all hear those engines as you ponder whether anything can ever be like this.

Absolutely nothing for this is the Temple of Speed, the home of Ferrari and for this is Formula One.

Please come back on Thursday for the second part of this special piece, where I will go through the race weekend as a whole.

Thank you for reading but I’d like to give a special thanks to my one and only because for without her, I wouldn’t be here enjoying my beloved sport.

Thank you my lovely!


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