2019 Canadian Grand Prix Review

Roundup of a controversial Canadian Grand Prix won by Lewis Hamilton. (Image credit: LAT Images)

Well what a dramatic Canadian Grand Prix weekend it was with Ferrari challenging Mercedes all the way whilst one midfield team threw themselves into the mix. 

Now let debrief with my team by team race review.



Race result: Lewis Hamilton – 1st, Valtteri Bottas – 4th

Technically this race wasn’t wont by Lewis let’s be honest and I think even he would say that himself that he didn’t deserve to win.

Whichever side you take on the matter the results wont change.

Anyway performance wise the race had been strong for Lewis, despite missing majority of FP2 after clipping the wall and if he had another lap or two, he would of won the race on track.

Valtteri on the other hand struggled with mistakes in qualifying seeing him qualify only sixth, before losing a spot at the start to Renault’s Nico Hulkenberg. 

From then on, Bottas struggled against both Renault cars and fourth eventually was the best that he could do, despite finishing over 50s behind his teammate. 

Overall we finally saw a real challenge for Mercedes since Bahrain, only for a controversial penalty to swing the result their way. 



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Race result: Sebastian Vettel – 2nd, Charles Leclerc – 3rd

Speaking of penalty brings me nicely to Ferrari.

The race and weekend as a whole was extremely good for the team and has to be a turning point in their season.

Vettel enjoyed a brilliant Saturday to top FP3 then take pole whilst Leclerc struggled to keep pace with the track evolution, costing Ferrari a front row lockout. 

Their race meanwhile was brilliantly managed by both drivers but when it comes to Vettel’s five second penalty for dangerous re-entry on lap 48, I’m on the fence with it.

On one hand it did ruin the race and on the other, he did come back on to the racing line so can see why it was a tough penalty because personally I’d have preferred the stewards to order Vettel to let Hamilton by as we would still have seen a great fight.

Without a doubt in my mind, Vettel won that race but sadly it’s the stewards who make the decisions.

All Ferrari can do is take away so many positives from their race performance and hopefully we will see this kind of race more often from now on.


Red Bull

Race result: Max Verstappen – 5th, Pierre Gasly – 8th

Max is definitely my driver of the day after a brilliant drive from ninth to fifth, having benefitted from a three-place grid penalty for Carlos Sainz and Kevin Magnussen’s pit-lane start. 

Gasly meanwhile didn’t have such a good race and fell back from his fifth-placed start to finish in eighth behind both Renaults as well as his teammate and Bottas

Overall, Gasly for me still needs to show he deserves that seat as I feel Albon or Kyvat could do better.



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Race result: Daniel Ricciardo – 6th, Nico Hulkenberg – 7th

What a race for these two!

For me I’m just so happy that we saw the Daniel that we’re used to from his Red Bull stint.

Qualifying in P4 was outstanding for him and to be honest, he finished in the best place he could.

Nico’s position gave me that thought as he hasn’t changed and did well to push Bottas throughout the first half of the race.

However the result is still great and best of the rest, which could be key in the Constructors battle.

In all seriousness though, I do hope we see Renault push harder and show Red Bull that they are serious.


Racing Point

Race result: Lance Stroll – 9th, Sergio Perez – 12th

Racing Point will be happy with how their first home race went after a tough qualifying left them out of position, having looked well placed throughout practice to have both cars into Q3. 

Lance Stroll in particular drove a brilliant race from 17th to ninth, having suffered a power unit failure in FP3, which forced him back to the slower power unit.

A long run on the hard compound helped him up to eighth by mid race and he successfully converted that strategy into points with a great move on Sainz. 

Sergio Perez meanwhile will be disappointed with his race after finding himself stuck in traffic and struggling with the temperatures. 

It is therefore fair to say that one side of the Racing Point garage is elated whilst the other will be frustrated. 


Toro Rosso

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Race result: Daniil Kyvat – 10th, Alexander Albon – Retired

Quite a punchy race for these two with Kvyat enjoying a great drive to tenth whilst Albon’s race was effectively over at the first corner after being squeezed.

The damage ultimately was too great and the Thai driver retired shortly before the end to save mileage on his power unit. 

Kyvat meanwhile found himself throughout scrapping for the last point throughout the race and a great move on Sainz straight after Stroll was enough to secure a great point. 



Race result: Carlos Sainz – 11th, Lando Norris – Retired

A hard weekend for the McLaren duo with both doing well to get into Q3, even if overheating brakes cost Norris a shot at possible points after just eight laps.

Sainz meanwhile had a hard race also, having had to stop early on to clear his brake cooling ducts, which left him on a long one-stop strategy and after a valiant effort, 11th was the best that he could achieve.

I have no doubt without that brake duct issue he would have come away with points.


Alfa Romeo

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Race result: Antonio Giovinazzi – 13th, Kimi Raikkonen – 15th

This weekend started off promising for Alfa Romeo with a strong FP1 performance but soon went downhill. 

From tyres not in working temperature range to Giovinazzi missing much of Friday after hitting the wall at turn nine near end of FP1, this is a race that definitely got away from them. 

Surprisingly though, it was Raikkonen who struggled more than Giovinazzi who not only outqualified but also outraced the Finn. 

Hopefully we will see them further up the grid next time out because France should favour them more than this track did. 



Race result: Romain Grosjean – 14th, Kevin Magnussen – 17th

Well Saturday couldn’t have been much worse than for this team unfortunately after a huge smash for Magnussen saw both cars out in Q2 (technically Magnussen qualified for Q3 but didn’t take part).

The race pace was no better for the team with both struggling to make up places.

With coming races all in Europe, I do hope that these two drivers are back where they belong and further up the grid next time out.



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Race result: George Russell – 16th, Robert Kubica – 18th

Alas here again at the back are the Williams pair with only one car separating them pretty much at the back all race.

I cant really say much else about them finishing last race after race but if there is one positive to take from this weekend, it is that Russell definitely looks to have the measure of Kubica despite being a rookie.

I would like to see other teams give maybe a little help as it much be so hurtful for them and it is going to take something mega for them to snatch any points this season now.


Please comment down below with your thoughts on Vettel’s penalty.

And join us once more for the next race preview of France.

Thank you.

Craig Telford.

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