Goodbye Russia

Now the world cup is almost over, there’s only one thing wrong with it, well okay, there may be a few!

Everybody seems to automatically develop an informed opinion about football. The office cleaner, the bus driver, the bloke down the pub, the boss’s secretary, even your gran!

For one month, every 4 years, its acceptable to be a football fan. For the other 3 years 11 months you are considered a thug and a hooligan

Celebrities who jump on the England bandwagon

ITV advert breaks. 45 mins of pulsating football and you want to know what the pundits have to say. But no, we have to endure 3 minutes of adverts. Also, statistically in the last 20 years, England’s win percentage on ITV is 9%. On BBC it’s 69%.

Gary Neville. Hated him at Man.U. got to respect him on Sky, laughed at him trying to manage at Valencia. Pundit for ITV on England games…. Forget it. You are a bitter, washed up has been Gary. Just cos you failed with England you can’t bring yourself to praise the lads now!

Scotsmen pretending to be pleased for England.

Politicians trying to squeeze some political capital out of England’s success

Lack of replays. I know that BBC and ITV take their feed from the host broadcaster, so you can’t blame them. But showing replays of big moments is either non-existent or is gone in a millisecond. It’s fair to say, we’ve been spoilt by Sky’s brilliant coverage of football.

And, back to ITV… it was hard enough to deal with losing to Croatia but the last thing we needed was to see Slaven Bilic’s smug face. Do us a favour ITV, forget the “balanced view”! Oh, and while you’re at it, we don’t want an Irishman or a Welshman telling us where we went wrong either.

FIFA, please scrap the 3rd and 4th place play off game. Nobody wants it. It’s just pure greed for you to have another game.

The golden boot, the golden ball, the golden glove and all the other meaningless “awards”.

Now the top 2 in the worst things about the world cup…. In second place

Cheating, diving, feigning injury and all those other glorious traits the world has given the beautiful game.

But the winner by a mile……


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