World Cup on fast forward

Let’s fast forward through the tournament and re-live the highlights:

Robbie Williams sings, Russia score five,
Portugal Spain, the world cup’s alive,
France stutter, the Argies draw,
Croatia look good, but have they got more
Mexico beat Germany, Lukaku gets a double
England win, no sign of trouble
Mo Salah plays, but Egypt lose
Poland play like they’ve been on the booze
Uruguay qualify, Spain normal service resumed
France go thru, but the Argies look doomed
Iceland freeze, Brazil leave it late
Mexico nearly there, Germany must wait
Belgium score five, but England get six
And in Group H, they are all still in the mix
Uruguay win easily and they finish top
The Saudis score twice, Egypt’s boss gets the chop
Iran and Morocco nearly shock the big two
But teams Ronnie and Costa, both get through
Australian Peru, just playing for pride
As France v Denmark, the game has just died
Croatia are top. Argentina are second
By beating Nigeria, after failure had beckoned
Brazil win again, getting better each game
Swiss beat Costa Rica to finish next in the frame
Germany lose, so do Mexico
Koreans are happy, Auf Wiedersehen Joachim Low
England and Belgium, both already through
Playing their reserves, as second will do
Japan 4 Senegal 6. Is how we separate the pair
But that’s yellow cards, it doesn’t seem fair
Then a day without football, it seems like an age
But soon we are back, it’s the knock out stage
Ronaldo and Messi knocked out the same day
By goals from Cavani and Mbappe
On Sunday, its spot kicks that decide both games
Russia, Croatia beat Spain and the Danes
Neymar centre stage, like a king with a crown
Belgium beat Japan, coming back from two down
The swedes beat the swiss in a dour affair
But we’re not bothered, we don’t care
We’re waiting for England to step up to the plate
All 23 players and Gareth Southgate
Colombia kicked, Colombia cheated
Colombia missed pens, Colombia defeated
So mothers and fathers, sons and daughters
Give a cheer for England, cos we’re in the quarters


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