2018 World Cup Group Stage An Alternative View


I know women’s football has made huge progress but I was surprised to see Allison and Miranda playing for Brazil.

Neymar, Messi and Mo Salah forgot to turn up.

Shaqiri did turn up, shame he didn’t all season for Stoke.

Manuel Neuer playing central midfield as South Korea scored.

Germany couldn’t retain their crown but someone who did was FIFA Ambassador Diego Maradona. The Argentinian, who earns £10,000 plus expenses for every event he attends, retained the title of the vilest man on the planet. This drug addled cheat exceeded his own low standards.

A brilliant Harry Kane hat trick, 2 pens and a deflection

VAR was good and bad, but why oh why use the biggest tournament to trial it!!

I wonder if the VAR refs wore full kit including boots??? Or just the shirt.

Nigeria’s shirt and Ian Wright’s shirts.

Why do the commentators, especially BBC, have a love in with Argentina?

Nacho scores a screamer for Spain and is then dropped

Is it in the coaching manuals that players are taught, upon receiving the slightest touch anywhere on the body, to hold their face and Roll around dramatically.

The tournament is in Russia, so in a game between a South American and an Asian team, why is the countdown to kick off in English??

And….. what is the countdown all about!!!!!

The tv music is shocking. Whatever happened to Nessum Dorma or Footballs coming home!

Ugliest player, tough competition but Mexico’s Hector Herrera just won it by a nose… and 2 ears!


There was only one nil nil draw and every team scored at least one goal.

England managed to lose a game that the other team openly admitted they didn’t want to win.

David De Gea’s howler against Portugal.

122 goals, 158 yellow cards, 3 red cards.


But to sum up the group stage………….



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